How we ran 10 000 compliance rules in under 10 minutes

This blog is for technical people wanting to get a better idea of the capabilities of Apache Spark for running high performance calculations over asset manager data. Compliance limit checking involves running large number of rules over portfolio holdings data. Regulatory rules or client mandates can require hundreds of rules over many portfolios resulting an […]

Review of “The Modern Cloud Data Platform for dummies”

I read this book over the weekend to get a better understanding of the Lake House pattern, it’s produced by Databricks, the company behind Delta Lake so it’s a little biased towards their own product offering. It’s a good book that’s easy to read for non-technical people and only about 30 pages long so worth […]

Master Data Management in the Data Lake Enables Asset Management Metrics

The blog post is for business users and technical implementers that want to understand the real world scenario of managing master data in a data lake. Introduction In my post on the modern data warehouse I reviewed the history of data warehousing and a new trend known as the Lake House. A Lake House is […]